Falling for my Boss

It has been an incredible week of blondeness and I was hoping it was over but unfortunately we still have until Friday.

We had an investors meeting this morning and I was sitting at my desk which is opposite the glass windows of the conference room. We have maybe one or two meetings a month and rarely this many people, but its a new project.


Being that I was bored at work and super surfed the internet highway all week, I changed my mouse to the left side of my desk to use the other hand, just because. The cable was stretched from top left of the desk to lower right attached to the pc tower. I was kicking my feet under the desk as I was moping around Myspace for new music and didn't realize the mouse cable had wrapped itself around the heel of my shoe.

Needless to say, I tried to get up for coffee and I tripped...

In slow motion!

My arms spread with eagle like wings trying to catch my balance.
My leg up in the air shaking violently to get the cord out from the heel...







I, not so elegantly picked myself up, shook my head, dusted my pants, and before I could stop my mouth from connecting to my brain, I yelped.


I am fairly certain we had a room full of lip readers because when I finally did make eye contact with a few of them, there jaws had dropped half way down their big round bellies and they looked away quicker than a rabbit being chased by a snake.

C'est La Via!!

Blondes hate falling for ugly rich dudes!!

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