Blonde Moment 311

Besides wearing the pair of Armani shorts with the dangling string adorning the back as I sat down to use the little girls seat?!

Oh yes!

I played with Eharmony and Chemistry's profile thing.

How many times can a Blonde fall for dating sites?!

More than she cares to admit but what can I say?

I am a hopeless Romantic.

Now, the site is sending me messages to join. Dangling matches in front of me like a pair of 2 carat diamond stud earrings. I am sure they are hoping that one of these profiles might send a sparkle to my eye and in a Pavlovian like response send my hand into the Fendi to whip out the Louis to retrieve the plastic card that in times of a bullish market gives me a small orgasmic shiver whenever I swipe it through the card reader.


I am in an economic down turn and love will just have to find me for free for now!

Chemistry and E don't match very well and they don't let you see photos before joining! That's like having too many drinks and waking up next to a face your afraid to look at because you forgot what you brought home.

Why would anyone need 6 months of dating if their scientific method of matchmaking is proven so effective? I have no doubt, that the company that provides Chemistry's and Eharmony's stamp of approval is the very same one that certifies the power of every new weight loss pill on the market.

The cost for one month is $60(high compared to Match) or you can join the extended plan, $23 a month but billed one time for 6 months, blah, blah, blah. In a time of money crunch, I feel the dating sites might be hitting a soft future not to mention many of their clients. Highlights and Viagra are yesterdays luxury along with finding love.

I just assume buy a bottle of wine, play with myself, and deposit my savings into another penny stock company.

You know the economy is bad when a Blonde can't buy love!!

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