Blonde Moment 397

I have a problem with night blindness. It happens around dusk, things just look different to me.

Take for instance last night around 7 at the lake.

I was leaving the marina and on the shoreline are all these ducks and one crazy large bullfrog. It was the same size as the ducks!!

I probably was a 100ft away from the ducks and the gigantic frog.

I stare at it. I stare again to get a good look at it.

The frog moves!

It's not a Frog!! Its a giant lizard.

I squint

I see its a large lizard!!

With a fish in its mouth!

I start pointing at it and telling people to look at the large lizard with the fish in its mouth.

Everyone is looking

No one can see the enormous Iguana with the fish!!

I point

I scream, "Its next to the other ducks!"

The crowd can't see it!

I point again

"There, right there!!"

Then all of the sudden...

the iguana moves



Its not a frog

Its not a lizard

and its definitely not a giant iguuana with a fish in its mouth

It was a duck butt!!


The butt of a duck!!

I wish I could blame my hallucination on some mind altering pill but unfortunately its just a blonde brain and night vision problems that thought the ass of a duck was the head of a lizard.

...and I had to share this moment to everyone like I was a 5 year old at the zoo pointing at a cage and telling everyone to look. Only when a grown girl points to an elephant and says look at the donkey, its not as cute.

Blondes can be really blind!!

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