Bimbo or Secret Bust

I understand the handsomely challenged have a slight disadvantage compared to those better looking gents on the market today, so its understandable they are going to pony up a few fantasy images of their life to impress a young lady.

I am currently being pursued by a super secret agent, laying low undercover as a short, fat, bald liquor store owner who has a private residence at the Four Seasons, a Leer jet at his disposal, and 84 acres of lake frontage, with a boat.

Oh, did I mention, his wife died 8 years ago and he has a Nanny, and a personal physician on call for his daughter.

If you have sooo much money, why are you working the counter at your liquor store?


Oh, that's right..super secret agent!!


Mums the word.

I promise.

What girl wouldn't want to dive right in after being pursued by such wealth and intrigue, throw her clothes off, turn out the lights, cover the shades, put a paper bag over her head after consuming a quart of liquor and get up all in the rich dudes fugly face.

Its a dream come true for many girls!!

Except Blondes

We don't do Mini-Me's!!

You know what the number one problem for secret agents who share their identity with a Blonde, that has the curiosity of a one-eyed caterpillar and a lot of time to kill at work, is?

We find out your real identity, yank you off the ride at Fantasyland, cuz you lied your way in and then...

Put you on a bus back to Neveragainland suburbia!!

Blonde doesn't mean Bimbo!!

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