Big Toys

...go hand in hand with big boys!!

Range Rovers are cool but a gigantic Excursion with a lift kit is sooo much cooler!!

I like Range Rovers...I know lots of non-descript boringly successful people who drive them. I have actually been on a date with some of them.

All I can shout out is...

THERE IS NOTHING BETTER than a really fun guy who is confident enough with himself that he not only doesn't feel it necessary to follow the status quo but he can roll over them like they were pebbles in the street!!

I like being in a truck that can squash a Hummer like it was a bug on a windshield!!

I can't imagine anything more fun than pulling up to the front of Jeffreys and having to hop out in my little Bebe dress and heels making a grand entrance with this beast.

Getting on this thing and riding it...

Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm

and the truck rides just as well!!


Blondies like great big dates!!

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