Way too skinny...

...jeans slipped over my derriere like butter, this morning. I am incredibly psyched to being my perfect weight again.

I am also excited that I sold my very first two items listed on my Ebay store.
A very happy girl in the UK is going to get my cherished pony hair coat that I never got to wear because I am too tall and broad shouldered to wear anything from the 60's era. She is so excited to have it that I gave her a buy now option for way under what I paid for it or could get for it if I waited to auction it. But it makes me happy to lose a little bit of money to be able to give someone something they want very much.

The second coat, a fabulous L.A.M.B. ruffle coat, went to a young lady in NYC. She had a bit of an attitude regarding timely payments, actually stationg that it was my fault for not putting down paymetn requirements. Excuse me for not thinking their would be a fleeb out in Ebay land wanting to abuse my good nature.

She eventually paid, after giving the "I am out of town speech". In between the lines was the I need to wait for my next paycheck. Her coat is on its way.

We now break for this important announcement:

News Flash,

Just minutes ago the young lady who bought my ruffle coat has just discovered what karma does when it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Biatch, as I lovingly call her now, received the coat and now wants an immediate refund. You see, she is one of 'those' people who puts a large bid on an item to secure a win. Only this time she didn't count on someone else wanting the coat badly enough to go up a crazy amount and a bidding war was brought on. The coatwas up to a ridiculous amount. She now has buyers remorse and wants the funds back.

Deep down, i don;t blame her but seriously she was greedy!! I don;t bid on things I can't afford and there is a lot I wouldn't mind having. Especially that Jean Paul Gaultier jacket.

I had another buyer for the coat earlier on but now I don't know. Its late in spring and I might get stuck with the coat until fall. She said she is sending the coat back for immediate refund and I replied.

'You need to go through dispute so I can properly resolve this issue.'

Eventually I might be made to take the coat back which is fine. I offered the refund not thinking an arse would buy my coat but I will honor it.

Live and learn I always say

Let karma work its magic through the Ebay dispute process while I am out of town for awhile. I hear it can take up to a month to resolve issues.

Blondes know what it feels like to wait for my money too.

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