Time Crunch Campaign

I have found a way to be happy at work. I found myself something to do!!

I have started a little store on Ebay selling clothes that I find at thrift stores and goodwill and a few things of my own that I need to part with, like the clothes I buy because the fabric is too fantastic to pass up. I am a very tactile person!!

Not only am I productive at work, I get to shop without the guilt!!!

Anyhoo, I had to request time off of work for my trip to New York. I don't know why they think I am asking for the time off when I am really telling them I am taking the time off. Its not as if they say NO that I am going to not go--is that right? Sorry my proofreader is basking in the glory of the Fiji sun, shaded by exotic beauties.

Since I will be in New York anyway, I thought I might turn it into a little business adventure, in between the time I am not in between the sheets. I am going to dig through Filene's Basement until my fingers are nubs. I have decide that I really hate working for someone else and if I can become self sufficient reselling designer stock, my world will be golden like it used to be.

I don't have anytime to do things when I am on someone else's clock.

I can't get a mani or pedi or go the spa during the week which means I would have to wait till the weekend and then it is full of women..Ick. I can't do my shopping until later in the evenings when traffic has died down to a respectable level. I can't go to the bank, post office, or the mechanic. Do you see the headaches working for someone else causes? Gah!!!

If I am going to be forced work, I should at least be able to dictate my own time, not that I don't already. But, I get dirty looks for taking the extra time when I am on a lunch date and I don't need the stress of guilt. I shouldn't be forced to try and jam my lunch in one hour. I think people can't eat properly because they have to rush through their lunch and don't allow for proper digestion.

Its not fair that the little people have to fore go a relaxing lunch because they have errands they have to cram in an hour. Where is the logic in this? You can't get danything done in an hour with traffic and lights to consider. I say that once a week each employee should get a minimum of 3 hour lunch to attend to things that can not be done on a weekend or shouldn't have to be done on a weekend.

We all work hard during the week--well not me--but most of everyone does and they should relax on their time off!!

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