Office Attire

I am wearing my thigh high argyle socks with loafers, matching Jean Paul Gaultier argyle sweater and grey mini-skirt...

I understand its not your typical office wear but than again I don't aspire to be a corporate girl.

If I had to wear Ann Taylor or Banana Republic to work everyday..I would shoot myself.

Unfortunately, across the hall...the girls don't care for me much..hhhmmmm...don't care....but one of them spoke to me today. Something I truly try to avoid...ugghhh...on occassion I can't help but run into them at the elevator and I have to be polite and carry on polite conversation.

"You look like a school girl"

"I know, I love the look."

"I could never get away with wearing that to work"

"Of course you couldn't.Your too fat."

"Excuse me?"

"I said of course you couldn't get away with that"

Blondes don't have time for small talk!!!

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