Money or Manners

Murphy's Law had a chance to play with me.

I spent the last part of my trip in New York alone and financially jammed because the Hudson Hotel held my entire bank account hostage. I had to have another ex pay for the last night. I didn't feel right having him pay for an extravagant hotel so I moved to the Milford near Broadway.

I finally get home by the grace of God, and one really sweet guy at the information desk at Grand Central Station who gave me the extra $2 I needed to get to the airport by bus.

I go straight to the bank from the airport to figure out why so much money was taken out by the hotel. The teller informs me there are no charges on the account for any hotel. Every transaction placed on my account by the Hudson Hotel had magically disappeared and my account was at its original balance.

I am now awaiting the proper charges.

But I wonder?

Why did this happen?

What is the reason?

What am I to learn from this experience?

Did I at least build on my character?

The now defunct relationship has left me with a surplus of cash in my savings account. The money was given to me by my newly ex-ed boyfriend for sprucing myself up. Now that we are no longer together I feel funny having the money. I used a third of it for my lips and a couple of trips to the day spa but there is still some left in the savings account. I wanted him to know the money was being used for the purpose he intended. It was a generous gift and I didn't want him to think I would abuse his generosity.

Now that karma has set my account straight, I wonder?

Should I give him back the money?

It was a gift. Why should I return it?

Why should I be punished?

Wasn't I punished enough?

Does he deserve to have it back?

What is the proper thing to do?

Why should I even care about doing the proper thing? Its not like I am going to get kudos from him for returning the funds and I like kudos!!

Oh well! (sigh)

I can't win them all.

Thank goodness, I only need to win one.

I have decided to take the funds and reimburse myself for the trip, ensuring good karma to him--. And for my karma, (BTW: you can start a sentence with a conjunction if used sparingly--I looked it up) I am adopting polar bears to help save them from the effects of global warming.

It is really amazing to me how everything worked alright. I don't know what I would have done if I had no family or friends and alot of Gah to help me. I am humbled and grateful for the experience.

Blondes try to grow up well!!

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