Mini Man

Three things I tend to avoid on the road to make my trip pleasant.

1. Mini-vans. I don't like mini-vans are dumb women on cell phones in SUVs in front of me!! I just don't. Volvo drivers too!! I don't like them either!! There is a world outside your vehicle, people!!!

2. Window stickers with children's names and the sport they play. Now, if I was a pedophile I might be interested in your children but I am not so I don't care!! Political stickers bother me too!!! If you want them, than at least make them creative so I can be amused.

and STOP....

3. SPONTANEOUS LANE EXCHANGE!!!! 50 yards before the next car but for some reason the driver decides that they can't wait and bursts into my lane 5 ft in front of me like a premature ejaculation, its annoyin and makes me have to apply my brakes...very irritating!!

This morning, I encountered a person with all said 3 no-no's. I didn't get mad, I just went around. I looked at the driver, shook my head and moved on. Male...always male in the mini-van..why is that?! Now, If I had to drive a mini van hustling kids around all day. I would be pissed at the world too but don't go picking on me!!!

The idiot had a huge tantrum, weaving in and out of cars just so he could ride next to me to scream through two windows and air. I simply laughed and waved him away with my hand and zoomed off in my respectable car without bumper stickers and with out changing my lane just for the heck of it!!!

Blondes will handle mid-life a little better than most!!!

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