Liar, Liar...

Pants on fire...

I swear to Gah, if yesterday wasn't one of the most hysterical days I have ever had. I just couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all.

First I was thrown under the bus by co-workers who didn't complete a task and threw it in my lap last minute and than used me as the office idiot.

I thought to myself on the way home that I am not cut out for poor office politics and two face back-stabbers. As these thoughts twisted through my little head, the most hideous van pulled up next to me.

It was a chicken van!!

A Honda Element with molded feet on the back of the van, a chicken head molded onto the front of the hood and a hat or something on the the top of the van.

It was the ugliest beast of an auto I had ever seen. It would definitely scare the dickens out of the children if it were ever entered into a parade.

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.
All I could think at the moment was how my job could suck more.
I could be driving that chicken van for a living.

Next on my list of all time most ridiculous award would go to my Ex whom I made the distinct mistake of visiting last night. He tried so hard to convince me that he could love me and do right by me, blah, blah, blah.


We had a couple of glasses of wine together and I laid down on his sofa for an hour before I had to go home. He laid in his bed and fell asleep.




Well, Hi baby. Where are you?

Why don't you come over?

I was just watching tv and fell asleep.

I sure did, just watched TV and fell asleep.

OK Baby. Bye Baby.

My head popped up quicker than a jack rabbit out of a snake hole.

Did you just forget I was on the sofa?!

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself again.

I laughed all the way out the door and back home.

I am still laughing.

This morning I get an email saying it was his sister and she had a fight with her husband.


Hhmmm? Your sisters name is Baby, Baby, Baby?!

Blondes believe everything they hear!

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