I am Fashion's Biatch

I am at Filene's basement looking for a bag to carry my laptop in. I had to be careful with money because I didn't think I would need to bring very much on this trip.

After all, I was visiting my boyfriend. Why would I need for anything? Duh...

It never occurred to me that I might need a sudden flow of emergency cash. He did give me some walking around money when he left for Connecticut but still the hotel I chose to make me feel better was luxury tagged and although I knew I would have to move to a more economical hotel, at this moment it was worth it to me to have the high thread count and down pillows to cry my little tears into.


I find a bag that doesn't knock my socks off but the price is right and I am tired of going around the city with my laptop in my hand. I proceed to checkout when low and behold my newbie friend lifts up the most perfect designer bag ever!!

I look at the price tag...

Uh Uh!!

Too much!!

Its the perfect bag!!

Ed hardy Rock and Roses bag!!

I must have it!

I must buy the bag!

I love the bag!

The bag loves me!!!

Too bad the bag couldn't feed me for the last two days of my trip because after maxing out the only credit card I had for the hotel rooms and cabs, this was the only cash I had left to survive on until I got home and it was now a handbag that I just would not return even when I had money only for a bag of fries. I didn't have enough for a whole meal.

Fashion is my crack.

Its a monkey on my back.

It would be just like an addict to find justification for their addiction.

Her is mine:

Spending all my cash on this killer bag forced me to learn to get around the city by foot, which kept me healthy; forced me to learn the buses and subways; now I am not afraid of public transport; and I lost a few pounds from not eating.

I was very close to being a bag lady but at least it would have been designer.

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