Next please!!!

I went to New York this weekend and what I thought would be a great weekend with my boyfriend walking around the park, having coffee together, doing fun couple stuff quickly got snubbed when he left me for Connecticut. I am totally cool with you wanting to hang with kids but not your kids with the ex-wife, not while I am by myself at your place in New York on your invite. Its just uncool and shows me I am second best and always will be. No matter how nice I am about you leaving ---I am thinking to myself, don't bother coming back.

I know exactly where this relationship was going.


If you hide the fact that you are dating to your family after two years post-divorce...something is up and I don't want any part of it.

I won't be hidden or used as someone's sexual comfort while they still get to play husband to the ex. If I wanted that I could have stayed with the Ecuadorian. At least he knows how important fashion is to me.

Break up Day:

I had to return a dress to the Diesel store. Since I wasn't getting a ride from you know who because he was running late to get to the family. I was going to try the subway but I was afraid since I don't understand it yet. I was going to take a taxi but decided to walk and learn the lay of the land. I didn't think two miles was very long.

I was wrong. Two miles is a lot in cute clothes.


I shopped for awhile, returned my dress and headed back to the apartment. I got lost through my shortcut in Central park and my trip back actually took about 3 miles.

Feet sore


Hungry..hadn't eaten all day

Get home, open a bottle of Saki. Sipped through the evening, writing my stories and the bottle got away from me and it was empty.

Mmmmmm,feeling no pain.

Ex-boyfrined calls at 9:30 p.m. Did it occur to call earlier and tell me to not wait for you to have dinner. jerk

"At dinner with the wife and son"

Oh, well have a great time. I am doing just fine. Why don't you call later to let me know if you will be staying.

The ex-boyfriend comes back around 11 and I think he is upset with me because I told him to stay in Conneticut for the night. Afterall, why bother to come back to me--Oh wait, i know--he can't stay over nigth ecause the Ex won't let him.
I am way drunk and I don't care but he does. I know that is a pet peeve of his since he doesn't drink, I know I am in trouble. I guess I got a little belligerent after he got a little more than derogatory.

I don't have to be here. I can go

Than go

You don't have to ask me twice. Hello Hudson, I need a room.

Blondes know better than to fight!!

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