Colorado Quandary

How the heck do you buy a car off the internet from another state and exchange cash for title? The car is in Colorado.


Do I have to fly to Denver?

Please , please, for Gah sakes No!!!!

I am not a fan of the people who work at the airport in Denver. I still have nightmares from the Aspen trip. Come to think of it, I didn't care for the people in Aspen either. Not to go into detail but I have never run into such unfriendly people in my life and the women who work for Frontier airlines are just down right mean spirited, unhappy phleebs.

After a formal complaint, I was sent free vouchers in an attempt on their part to intervene and stop a lawsuit that I might file for mental anguish, pain, and suffering inflicted on me by their counter trolls.

I would rather poke fondue sticks through my eyeballs and run naked through the desert waiting for vultures to eat me before I use frontier again.

Than again...they are free tickets

Blondes pay a high price for free-dumb!!

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