Concubine to Cougar

I am in New York and I have settled into the Hudson Hotel. Its Awsome!!!

I love it.

Pretty people,

Famous people,

and me!!

After a break up you need a hotel like this one. I checked in around 1:30 AM and the lobby turns into a club around 2. The desk peeps were so sweet to me and said that I should come to the club after settling in..they thought it would cheer me up.

Needless to say, I did not go. I was tired and hungover. By now the buzz wore off and I had a more than slight headache.

I remember having a glass of wine after the saki ran out...Gah, what the heck was
I thinking. I am going to have to choose another way to deal with a break up. Ickk!!

I go to sleep and awake to a jackhammer around 7 AM, no seriously a real jackhammer outside on the street, directly underneath my window. I suffer through my headache and the jackhammer until 9 and than I get up an shower and go the store to get excederin.

I get a phone call...

Its the Newbie I met and forgot about.

I forgot I met someone while walking the ex's dog. Its funny to me because I specifically recall telling my ex he shouldn't leave me alone in the city for this exact reason.

Men are a dime a dozen in this town. I couldn't be lonely if I tried.


The newbie hung out with me and did everything my older boyfriend
wouldn't do with me like teaching me the subway, showing me Filene's basement, which is a story all on its own, and showing me the great little coffee shops and sushi spots.

I definitely will have to look into dating younger men...they have incredibly less baggage to carry around making them light on the feet and ready for a full day with me!!

Right now, I think I want to be alone for awhile which will be easy since I am back in Texas.

I am blonde just not yet ready to roar!!

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