All My Ex's live in Texas

and thank Gah they still like me!! and they know I am dating other people and I know they are dating other people.

I want to thank each and everyone that was there for me in my time of need.

Although NONE of you could find your way to New York to comfort me, I still appreciate the shoulder to cry on through a phone line.

I also appreciate the fact that you aren't dating anyone seriously at this time, leaving you free to help me.

Don't think I don't know that the willingness to answer my 'damsel in distress' calls is due to the fact you don't have anyone at the moment. I realize my 1:30 am calls wont get answered when you find someone else.

I am now single again and if you guys ever get into trouble with a woman, you know who to call.

Blondes always return a favor!!

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