The Dating Game

Bachlorette, What would you like to ask your bachelors.

I would like to ask them to describe what they believe is a perfect relationship.

Bachelor #1.
A Latin ex-boyfriend wants me to be his mistress. It should be obvious why he is an ex.

"In my culture the mistress is treated far better than the wife. Now come, we have Tapas so you can have big bottom for me and i can stuff them into very short mini-skirts i buy for you."

Bachelor #2.

An old cowboy who likes to be the bull to the filly. Doesn't think he has to do much but circle the pen and breath heavy.

"We would take the limo out for the evening so I can drink properly. I will continuously ask you to sit on top of me with your skirt hiked up to your elbows because that is my version of romance. I will call you baby and Princess all night long. I will talk dirty to you the rest of the evening. I will keep calling you baby and ask you to touch me in public"

Bachelor #3.

A confirmed bachelor who lives at the very end of Suburbia just before the earth drops off.

We would go to a middle class American restaurant and than watch middle class American television and then have middle class American sex in my middle class American house. I can pick you up in my middle class American car and I will have you back to your car by morning before my middle class American sports shows"

OK, Bachelorette, will it be Bachelor #1, bachelor #2, or Bachelor #3?

Well Mr Woolery

Oh, Please call me Chuck

Well Buck,


Whatever, I think I am going to bail from this reality show and go hang out with the midget from Fantasy Island.


Excuse me

Tatoo was a dwarf

Why would I want a tattoo of a dwarf?

Blondes need to play a better hand!!

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