6 Week Moratorium

I have initialized my official breakup moratorium used to ensure I will know who to blame if something goes wrong with my body or to ensure the break up is real and not just a cat fight. I am certainly, mostly, absolutely positive this is the finale' for my recent casualty and may I say it couldn't happen to a nicer fella.

Did my sarcasm come through just then? I can't ever tell.

Usually I only engage in a 4 week buffer zone before I begin to date again but since my last one had super sperm, I am taking no chances. This by no means that I have issued any house arrests for myself either.

This weekend I went out with my producer friend. I am always cheered up by the thought of limos and VIP status at clubs. We were having a fun time until several gentlemen started hitting on me. Now, I am no one's girlfriend, nor do I wish to engage in a relationship with my producer friend. He is definitely one to leave single. No matter how much dog training you do on him, he is too old to learn any horse and pony tricks to impress me, although he sure is trying.

Now I rarely go to country bars. I am more an uptown girl but its fun to let loose when you don't really care what anyone thinks about you which is what these bars do for me. The most crazy I get is dance and accept business cards from cute strangers which is where this story is heading.

My producer friend which technically we were on a date but as friends only. Unfortunately he doesn't see it that way and is still trying to win me over.
I really enjoy his company, I can be myself and have fun without pretense but I am still not falling anytime soon.

He keeps telling everyone we are together. I keep telling him we aren't.

Just saying it doesn't make it true. But, it doesn't stop him from trying, he doesn't take the word NO too well.

Anyhoo, back to the country bar:

He pulled out his bull horns and bucked anyone who tried to come near me. I can handle myself. I am used to the attention and I just politely say I am on a date but at these country bars that isn't enough to keep them from coming around. These guys just had bad manners to come up to me every time Mr Producer had his head turned.
Needless to say Mr. Producer got angry and threatened to have their ass kicked and he knows the people to do it.

No matter how sweet it might be that someone wants to have the crap beaten out of someone in my honor, I just assume not. I don't want to have to bail anyone out of jail or show up to numerous court dates for a lawsuit.

Ahhh, country bars, gotta love the trailer park pride in these establishments.
Men will fight for their woman unlike the gents at the Four Seasons, which is where
I am going to hang my hat up this coming weekend.

I just don't do country well.

The Blonde always leaves with the one that brung her!

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