Wonder Lips

Poofy Lips are the new in thanks to Angelina and Brad. Everyone wants them and I am no exception.

I have seen bad lip work done, and quite frankly if you like kissing farm animals, aka. duck lips, than you should be fabulously happy knowing there is an endless supply.

I on the other hand opted for Bridget Bardot style lip ( if your not into french actresses than more like Tracy Lords--you do know Tracy?) and thus decided to have the fat extracted from my bum to have injected underneath the lip line for that sexy poof.

While the swelling was still in play I looked more like Kim Bassinger's character on the Simpsons but now I am all Bridget...ok, ok...more like Cameron Diaz but whatever.

My favorite part about my new pucker is knowing that everytime a man kisses me on the lips, he is actually kissing my ass...

Blondes love their ass kissed!!!

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