Tacky Women

lets start with me!!!

I rarely use curse words, rarely call people bad names even in a heated argument I always try to resolve the dispute without getting mean or ugly but sometimes I can't contain myself...

...and yesterday was one of those times. It was a beautiful day and I had the top down. I was minding my own business and when traffic came to a halt, I was fine because I was enjoying my new car.

I tried to merge into the next lane so I can turn into a short cut in the neighborhood and I politely put my blinker on and waived a please my hand to the women in the Lexus. She looked at me and sped up just as a went to merge. She did this twice to me....

Oh my Gah..what A biatch!!!

The young man behind me lets me in and I proceed to the shoulder to turn but not before something took a hold of my better manners and my hand gave the woman the bird.

Meanwhile, the same dude started tagging my arse...He pulls up next to me in a violent manner and says..

"What's your problem..that's my Mom"

"Oh Know...I'm sorry..I didn't realize her spawned minion was behind me. Please do tell your Mother I apologize she is a rude and self-centered biatch!!"

He jerks his SUV in front of me and sped off

Was it something I said?!!


Now I have only been forced on maybe 3 or 4 other occasions to use the symbol of 'peace, not' before in my life and each time I feel a bit tacky for doing it but sometimes....

just sometimes...

They deserve it!!!

Blondes like to express their concerns!!

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