Don Suan

I guess it is mating season or maybe the girl swan is preggers..

We made the mistake of driving the ski boat in between the boy swan and his steady chick.

He got aggressive and I think size matters because his neck puffed up to twice the size and then boom!! He comes at our boat and MY head of which I duck.

Of course being a blonde I turned the boat around to get a picture

Camera On

sit on the ski hump

camera and I are ready

taunt the swan to come to you

swan comes at you

Oh Sh--, Oh Sh--

The boat!! The Boat!!

Get us out of Here!!

Oh my Gah..did you see that..did you..he almost killed us!!!

Damn...Go back..I missed the shot!!

...and were taunting...and were taunting...


Blondes really shoudln't play duck, duck goose with a swan!!!

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