The unSophisticat!!

My dear little Sophie cat if you consider the size of a dog house little for a cat.

My little trailer trash titty twitty cat. Its not her fault she didn't get to go onto kitty porn stardom and now eats twinkies and 3 cans of 9 lives a day to hide the pain.

Poor darling can't get around her belly to save her life. She has a bum that she should clean on her own but unfortunately Miss Sophie hasn't seen said private part since her infamous days as the star of 'Pussy will Oh, Oh Oh!!'.

She knows its there and occasionally she tries to find it. She digs her claws in deep into the carpet and tries to inch her head way past the rolls of fat and fur from her neck to her belly to achieve her goal of pure cat clean but alas her poundage is cruel and only rolls to the side to tease Miss Sophie and than it jiggles back in place. The sheer force of the weight dislodges her dug in claw and she is thrown back in a sea lion like spread only to cover up her faux pas by licking the air a few times.

Will someone stop the spectacle and go get a handy wipe for the feline fatastrophe!!

Blondes hate to see a Diva have to beg!!

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