Phone Ex--Change

It is that time of season again where too many ex-boyfriends are calling and I am tired of ignoring them.

It takes a lot of effort to look at caller ID and hit the ignore button!

On top of that, I have to delete the messages quickly hitting the lucky #7 button in time not to hear their voice.

UGHHH...the stress!!!

Don't call me....I will call you.... is a good rule of thumb for those who do not receive a return call somewhere in the 24 hour 'normal rate of return' zone during the week and 36 hour if its a weekend and we didn't have plans, which we wouldn't because I am no longer talking to you.

Does my actions not speak clearly: not answering the phone calls or returning the phone calls--does any of this not ring a bell?!!

I would leave a message saying I have moved on but you will use that as an excuse to call....again!!!

Blondes need a spa day without a mani!!