Islamic Flu

I have the Flu!!

My gorgeous 3 day weekend and I have the influenza virus moving around my body like sludge in an ice machine.

I always focus on the culprit whom gave me their dirty germs... not that I am ever going to hunt them down like the disease infested animal that they are and put the rest of the world in a 20 ft. radius of their germ spray at ease knowing they will not fall pray to the germ harboring phleeb. Its more so I can send evil thoughts to them while I am in bed with nothing better to do.

My phleep was this Muslim woman on the plane behind me. You think with all that extra fabric her abaya allows to cover her face... she could have used it over her mouth while coughing to protect the rest of the plane from her virus catapulting through the air vents of the plane.

Blondes don't like how sick the world is getting!!!

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