Old Band Aids

Yes..that's right...old band aids.

Do you keep?

No you don't. Why?! besides being totally gross. Duh!!

Because you don't need them to remind you of every little boob-boo you got growing up.

The big ones leave scars and you remember from these scars not to do certain stupid things again..like oh say..ride the handle bar of your sisters bike going 30 miles an hour down a gravely hill.

or making your sister play Oscar the Grouch in the trash can. Its all fun and games until the can tips over and someone's head gets cracked over a rock.

I loved Oscar!!

You can't open old wounds that have healed unless you dig deep enough, but than isn't that just creating a new one?!!

Didn't your Mom ever tell you not to pick at the scab...makes me cringe just to write that word..yuk!!

Uh Hello, I'm a blonde in case you haven't been paying attention...sometimes I trip up...its part of my nature..but at least I pick myself up, dust myself off, and learn not ride handle bars down the hill...well at least not the same hill!!

So don't go asking me to dig up old wounds. I am blonde..I don't have any!!

Blondes don't go deeper than the root!!

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