Killer Kraut

Don't tell my Mother your ill or you will find yourself being killed with kindness.

German homeopathic meds come in two forms..alcohol or candy.

Licorice candy in a medicinal looking container good for respiratory ailments. I have yet to witness its benefits.

There is a medicine she gives me for stomach ailments which is basically absynth or grappa that she soaks into a sugar cube. Even with the sugar cube it still tastes like rubbing alcohol

If your illness is a little more serious, she finds her way into the more than a dozen old prescription bottles that she never finished. I think they date back to 1999.

Which brings me to her killing spree...

It wasn't the mexican food that poisoned me..it was my Mother, again!

Only this time no tea!!

She gave me outdated medicine in the middle of the night to help me fight off an infection I got from traveling leaving me with symptoms mimicking the flu.

I have since recovered but still leary of Mom...

Blondes don't need enemies when they have family!!

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