I don't want to eat crow!!

OK...so my idiot friend who only thinks of himself and not the plight of all humanity has decided to go on a business trip to N.C. and cannot fly to Austin to return the sweater!!

Which means I will have to go back into that store to return the sweater and let them exchange it for clothes found online!!

I hate that!!

I hate store credit because it is downright extortion. It's legalized money bullying....making me buy something I don't want to buy!!

It is clearly fortunate for these money mongers that I found something I like on their online store and can exchange the sweater. Although they are forcing me to buy a matching beach bag with the extra credit left and I have to pay for shipping.

Considering everything I have recently been through...I just don't feel like taking on the world this week...

I will take the crow sauteed with wilted spinach, please....

Blondes hate having to swallow their pride!!

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