Desperate Deisel

I was given a gift from Diesel. It was a sweater, nothing fabulous and decided I wanted to return it.
Going into the store you can feel the desperation when they see my bag.

"OH No..not a return." thought the caddy gay sales clerk.

"Let's bug the crap out of you until we find something to replace that sweater..shall we?!" said the cute anorexic salesgirl.

No thank you..I will just look on my own

"No, No we want to bother you" says anorexic salesgirl

"We really don't want to take your return" says caddy gay sales clerk

I got that thank you but really if I wanted retro 80's graffiti clothes I would have held onto mine

"So how about looking through the catalog" other shadow of a girl salesperson

No thank you, just the money please.

"Well we can't give it to you. I will have to get the super smug manager." says anorexic salesgirl

Excuse me!

"No we have to give you a store credit because we want to make this difficult and painful for you" says super smug manager.

Well than I will call my friend and he can give you his card over the phone..that will work.

Speechless..and they are thinking..and they are thinking..."uh, uh...well we need the physical card." says little lying super smug manager.

Wow. that's pulling it from the bottom of the desperation bag. Fine..I will just fedex the sweater to my friend so he can return it in Houston.

BTW..your clothes suck this season!!

Go home

Check Diesel online for Houston store

Damn..no store in Houston

Fine..new Plan!!



voice mail...

Hi darling..hate for you to go out of your way but its the principal of the matter. I need you to fly here by Friday to return a sweater.

Blondes always find a way to stand on principal!!

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