Cankle Sore

My ankle is still swollen to the size of my calf. I look like I inherited my Grandmother's cankles based on this leg.

I have been buying up Chukka rubber boots to wear while I heal....pun intended!!

The story:

I went to Victoria Secret to buy all new underwear for my trip to Aspen. I knew it would be cold and I wanted just cotton panties and bras.

I bought the collegiate collection with the little patches and i went for the boy shorts because quite frankly I am not a fan of the thong unless absolutely necessary and under thick winter clothes--

Things are not unnecessary


I get home and I do what every other adult girl would do..I try them on, pour a glass of wuine, turn up the jams and dance on my bed in front of the mirror like a rock star!




I fell off the bed and cracked my ankle on the edge of the suitcase I was packing for my ski trip...pun intended!!

Fortunately, snowboarding uses boots that are more like casts and I was able to use the bunny slope for my fun.

Blondes should use a pole to dance!!