A Working Girl?!

I was enjoying my football game at a nearby pub, alone..yes alone. I am in Texas, you can't find anyone to enjoy a Redskin game with you unless they are playing the Cowboys.


My gentleman friend..who is quite a bit older decided to come sit with me for a beer before his almost ex-girlfriend came back from whatever small town in Texas she was in.

While he went to make a phone call, some older gentleman stopped by to sit at the empty table. They seemed unsure and so I said I didn't bite..which technically could be confused as an opening line to flirting but more importantly it was more of a way to tell them politely to sit the heck down so I could watch my game.

after much dileberating..too much if you ask me..its just a table..

They sat down..thank God!!
My friend came back, thank God!!
Skins up by one, Thank God!!

The guy kept looking at my friend and than he leans into me and asks,
"Are you a working girl?"

What the F.....!!!

I was stunned, mortified, shocked and of course I spoke out against this outrage....

"NO! I am NOT!!"

"But I do accept gifts."

Blondes should demand an apology not accept gifts!

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