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Sarkozy had a paramour, so why not me ? -m4w - 35

Reply to: pers-538755606@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-14, 12:23PM EST

If you know what that refers to w/o googling it, we're off to a good start, b/c presumably you're aware of what's going on elsewhere in the world. It's fine to google, by the way.)

Paramour = someone compelling and attractive for discreet, extracurricular shenanigans

Time marches on while we are mired traffic and domestic responsibilties, slowly stagnating mentally and sexually (many of us, anyway). Acceptable but not an ideal scenario, so those that are a bit more restless and open-minded philosophically should reply to kick off what could be a most interesting and fruitful conversation. It would be best if you were young or spry enough to be nubile, lithe, or trim but mature enough to be emotionally confident, wise to some extent, and not particularly giggly (intelligent humor is perfectly acceptable and recommended, however.) Pubs, museums, your place, and dark corners are some potential locales for the innapropriate libidinous fun to follow and the sweaty sexual escapades surely to ensue. I have no plans to run for public office or change the official standing at home, so your mischievous nature, political views, and carnal preferences are safe w/ me.

... and please don't make me articulate the discretion and your d/d free status,

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