Promises, Promises, Promises

If your going to tell me you saw a mink coat at the store and you had a fantasy about me wearing it...you better buy it!!

What is it with men dangling pretty little things, and not your penis, in front of me and than never giving it to me.

Its called being a tease and blondes don't like a tease anymore than a man does.

Its like window shopping..its not shopping if you aren't buying. I don't go into a store that I cannot afford and look at all the pretty things I can't have. Why would I do that? It would just make me feel bad that I can't have them. I don't go around putting dollar bills in the pocket of fur coats or inside handbags while wearing it around the store and than get mad because the coat and handbag can't come home with me!!

I just assume play imaginary millionaire with my Vogue. Sort of like what men do with their playboy magazine.

If its the thought that counts, don't tell the blonde!!!

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