Murderous Mum

My Mother tried to kill me last night...

I was nice enough to go over there to help them take out the Christmas tree even though I have told them a thousand times, "I am severely allergic to dead and drying out trees."
My face and eyes burns and I cannot breathe...

..but I go..I help
I vacuum...I can't breathe

Mother burns 40 year old perfume to hide smell of tree

I have a reaction to the perfume

I really can't breathe and Im feeling sick

Mother finds and makes me organic tea

I had a reaction to the tea

The organic tea had no label..she did not know what kind it was.

I am on the floor at this time still not breathing..

My Father, "What did you give her?"

Mother, "Tea!"

Father, "Show me the tea!"

Mother, "I can't find it"

Me gasping, " She hid it so the cops won't find it. She... is trying to kill me"

Father,"Find the bag"

Me still gasping, "It so k Dad..they can do an autopsy find the poison in my system...
...When I'm DEAD!"

Why is my Mother laughing...she IS trying to kill me?

I finally drag myself to the little room and lie down and rest..I am feeling better
Mother comes in, "How are you feeling?

"I will be fine Mother", barely breathing again.

Mother, "Can I make you some tea?"

Blondes need to watch blonde Mothers carefully!!

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