Millionaire Mate!!!

Yes my blog has a financial tone this week, probably do to my ever so concern over the recession and state of..blah...blah...blah...

Where was I? OH yes!! Idiots!!

I was having fun with CL for my poser exposer blog which I have since dismantled because of boredom. You run into one idiot, you run into them all...and they seem to congregate in CL..Hhmmmm!!

Where was I? Oh Yes...Idiots!!

I wrote:

absolutely the funniest personal on craigslist..I'm LOL...seriously..great stuff....

I would love to have some of the replies for my blog..could you forward some of the idiotic responses to me..I would love it for my blog..

Thanks Via

The generated response back:

Thank you for your interest in my Cl ad. Right now, I am at work and I
promise to properly respond to your email when I get back.

Obviously, because of who I am, I must keep everything very discreet
so the stock holders of my company stay happy.

If you want, you can take a look at my profile / pictures at

My user name is mpregini

Let me know your user name so I can look you up and contact you.

This website is geared towards millionaires and keeps my privacy very
secured which is why I use them.
I even had to prove my financial status before being able to join.

I am not promoting this website it is pretty much a buffer between the
crazy people of the world (which I am sure you're not) and myself.

Just let me know your user name and we'll go from there.

I apologize that I have to do it this way but I met a crazy woman off
CL just the other day and
it is easier for me to use the website as a buffer.

My reply back:

your kidding, right? this has to be a joke? you need to be discreet and don't use CL but you do use CL to promote the millionaire poser site....LOL

good luck with your site

I get same auto response from him

and than a month later I get a personal note:

Sorry to disappoint Via

I am real

and than the auto response is sent to me again..

Idiots amuse the blonde!!

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