Life is still a Ball Y'all

Your table is ready! Follow me...
We follow and I am doing my strut through the restaurant.

We eat
We talk

peeps join us

Peeps point out that the Lead Singer of Janes Addiction is sitting next to us along with Sony big wigs

Who's Janes Addiction?

You know Carmen Electra's ex-hubbies band



Dinner's over
Time to do my strut out

As we are walking out there is this table of women..I think five of them..not one of them smiling and just giving me and my date a look like I killed their bunny rabbit.

I can't help it, I had to say something..

I didn't stop but I did.... casually slow down so I could throw out a little advice

"Scowling isn't sexy ladies... Maybe that's why y'all are sittin alone tonight!!"

Poor girls

Blondes can't help but want to help!!

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