Life is a Ball Y'all!!

I'm tall...and pretty...and I can walk a room like no one's business so of course people are going to look and focus on me and if I happen to be on a date with an older guy..they focus on him too!!

Boy do they focus!

There was an older couple sitting at the bar when we walked in..the woman kept tapping her husband's arm and him being a man tried to do his best of being non-obvious..I'm thinking it didn't matter because she worse than he was at it...

They kept looking and finally my date and I proceeded to the other end of the bar but not before I leaned into the couple and said...

"You know contrary to popular belief, I'm not paid for....I work for free!!"

They just had a ball gossiping about us and I had a ball that I reached infamous status...even if it was just for the evening...

The blonde never turns a fan away!!

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