Last Blonde Moment of 2007

Dialing the wrong number
On my way to one guys house I called the other to wish him a Happy New Year and to tell him that I will be spending the evening with my parents. He said i it sounded like I was in the car..

"oh, well, umm....I'm on my way to get hairspray."

I was actually on my way to meet another guy.
I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and so I lied.

Oh, sue me...like you haven't told fibs to spare feelings?

I decide to call guy #2 and play a litle joke, telling him I couldn't make it for our New Years date, that plans had changed last minute and I was truly sorry. I thought it was quite funny and I waited for his response....

brief pause and...

"Via, this is Guy #1, you dialed me"

"oh" "Ummm...I was just calling...ummm.. a friend that invited me out to tell him that I'm going with my Mom and Dad tonight"

"Via, stop stumblin, its Ok"

"d#@$^%, SH%#$#@" I thought in my head. I am a blonde there is plenty of room.

"Ok..well Happy New Years...call you tomorrow"

Wouldn't be too bad if guy #1 wasn't the photographer that just took nudes of me!!

Blondes need to be more careful when dialing!!

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