I'm sorry I don't do Geriatric!!

I get this call from some woman that was from dating network said I was recommended to her by someone and would I be interested in dating this great guy, retired, wants to spoil,blah, blah, blah....but...

Yeah...I already knew there would be a but...I didn't know it would be a geriatric butt...

and here is the BIG, BIG but...
"He's a little older"

"Ok..50 maybe? 60?"

No my fans...he was 75 freakin years old..retired IBMer..can you gross me out any more than that..pictures of my Dad flashed before my eyes..

and Im rinsing my eyes!!
still seeing Dad...
rinse and repeat,
rinse and repeat!!

Who on God's green earth, my age, besides Anna Nicole Smith would date a 75 year old man...OH..yes the "Girls Next Door"

Are you seeing the pattern?!!
They are all bottled blondes!!!

She continues:
When he travels its only in condos..
yeah right..you mean time shares!!

he water skiis?!!
yeah right, you mean rides a pontoon boat!!

he wants to spoil someone?
you mean he is spoiled

He wants to get married!!
how many great grandkids in the will?

Holy Cow, lady..I know your desperate but I'm NOT...who said I was?! Did someone say I was desperate?!

Well, why don't you think about it?
Um..yeah thought over....
Excuse me?
I mean I don't think its for me and could you please remove my Gold Digger status button on your list!!

I will call my friends to see if they have any Grandmothers that need a date!!

There is a difference between bottled and Blonde!!

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