I Got My Sexy Back!

Well.... I am trying to get it back.... and keep it on through the allergy season. I need to get away from here for a short holiday so I can feel like my fabulous self again.

My skin is sensitive and I don't want to wear thongs anymore. I can't stand pantie lines but the thought of lace wedging up my little crack is just not appealing to me right now. My skin is sensitive and it wants cottony softness right now.

Ode to the little cotton pantie

bikini style
soft and white
not too clingy
just right

you don't rub me
the wrong way
and don't crawl up my bum
and try to stay

your not as pretty
as my other lace
but you have style
and a subtle grace
pretty things
only get you so far
its the comfort you give
that makes the pantie you are

Blondes prefer substance over looks any day.....but its seasonal!!

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