I am not Worthy

I am a bad, bad submissive.

Actually, I am not at all, but I played one last week on the internet. I thought I actually did very well considering I know nothing about the SMDM orDMSM..or whatever the acronym is for that particular lifestyle.

Personally I don't get how you hurt someone with a paper clip..unless you unfold it and poke them to the point of annoyance and they slap the crap out of you.

What does it matter how many tools you can come up with to hurt nipples. It isn't that hard, I did it by accident in a blonde rationalization that you will remove more dead skin off your body using a scrubbie instead of a loofah..

Nipples are very, very sensitive...


I have a new social experiment blog:

Creeps, Freaks and Conversations:
The sex life of Craigslist

I just find these people absolutely fascinating..never in my blonde bubble could I ever think this dirty!

Blondes never judge but we do wonder "What the heck are some people thinking?"!!

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