Holy Jesus!!

I let a guy read the bible to me!!

I didn't touch the bible for fear it would set aflame!!

We also held hands and said a prayer,

My thoughts at the moment of my surrender or would it more appropriate to say ambush?

"Take my hands"


"Now pray with, me"

"Can I have a glass of wine first?"

"His is the size of a moose"

"I wonder if this prayer really works"

" I guess I should stop thinking about his penis"

"Can I get in trouble for praying and thinking about sex at the same time?!"

"How is Christ going to save me while I'm thinking about the moose?!"


"Uhmmm..Amen...I surrender to the almighty Moose!!!

Consequently after my prayer...that evening.... I used a certain lotion that burned a certain somethin, somethin...AGAIN!!!!

God has a way of burning the non-believer.

Blondes have VIP status at all the hot nightclubs in hell!!

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