Hi Baby!!

Hey Baby!

Hey Baby!

Hey Baby!

Fate is a funny thing!!

You can tempt it once and it will put its foot down.
It has a way of telling you exactly where you should be.

Tempt it twice and it might just lead you off into the wrong direction.

I am not foolish enough to attempt anything twice. I hope I get it right the first time.

Like knowing the difference about what you want and what will make you happy.

I ask myself two thing:

If he lost everything...would I still be by his side?

Hmmmmm..... no!! Duh, I can be poor on my own!!


The second question is:

Does he think I'm the bomb?!

and when I know the answer is absolutely, unequivocally yes...
I know I have just as much worth as the man
and that makes us equally valuable to each other.

Blondes are truly worth loving!!

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