The Grape Savior!

Allergy pills don't just dry out your nose
they dry out other parts that weren't meant to be dry

Good news....My eyes don't itch anymore!!
The bad news...something else does. Ladies, you know.

I'm on the phone with my friend and while he tells me his disgusting tales of his boogie clots in his nose, I further the ante on the grossness level by talking about yeast infections.
We are thoroughly disgusted with each other but laughing hysterically and both being artists our creative juices (pardon the pun) begin to flow.

I said it would be a challenge to write a story that makes a yeast infection sexy and my friend who was sucking on a Popsicle said yes it would.

"God a Popsicle would feel so good on it right now."

"I wonder what flavor would work best"

my friend " I think cherry"

"No, grape, definitely grape."

Seriously, how would cherry be better than grape?

Grape it is...





Freezer Burn!!!!
Freezer Burn!!!!!!

Blondes should never talk to a guy about popsicles!!

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