Crack Cat's Fetish

In keeping with last week's theme of fetishes. I thought I would share Crack Cat's fetish with you...

Crack Cat has this obsession with my hair. On the rare occasion he decides to stay in, usually when its very, very cold outside and all his crack cat peeps are in shelters, he sleeps in my room.

He waits until I fall asleep and than he slowly crawls up to my neck and stretches out his arms to grab a big chunk of my hair. Then he starts sniffing my hair. Not too long after that he is purring quietly, eyes half massed, and his tongue dangling out.

I wouldn't mind so much that he loves my hair but in his excitement he starts slobbering in my hair, he starts doing this kneeding action with his paws causing his little crack claws to dig into my head.

"Ouch..Crack Cat!"

he stops
I fall asleep
I wake up

"Ouch...knock it off..Crack Cat!!"

I adjust the pillow
dangle a little of my hair for him
I fall asleep
I wake up
he is sucking the ends of my hair..loudly



startled, he jumps off the bed
I fall asleep
I wake up

Crack Cat nestled himself into my back and fell asleep
I fall asleep

we are finally asleep...

Blondes can't sacrifice their beauty sleep for a fetish!

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