Cedar Fever Blues!!

Everybody likes to think the blonde is always on her game, when it concerns looks, duh...
even the blonde.

Everybody thinks the blonde is out gallivanting around the weekend like it was her own personal holiday, even the blonde.

Everybody thinks the blonde is the life of the party and always center of attention, even the blonde!!

but not this weekend
OH No..Cedar Fever is here
and its not a pretty picture that I am about to paint, so if you must look away...please do..

Let's start with Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and the blonde is up...why?
Because she can't stand IT (cedar fever) anymore!!
Scratch your eyes out
run fingers through kitty slobbered matted hair
take the tissue that you stuck up your nostrils to stop the leak while you sleep
wipe the crust that forms from dried up hydrocortisone cream off you eyes

pop your pills
squirt your nose
trip over the snot rags on the floor
get into the shower
sting your eyes with soap..
get water up your nose..almost drown
towel off
rub eyes really, really hard with towel

go back to bed!!

Get up
Watch the Packers play an awesome game
pop more pills
clear the floor of snot rags
it slathers the lotion on its eyes

go back to bed!!

look at phone
return no phone calls
pop more pills
rub eyeballs out of your head

go back to bed!!

Blondes don't always have more fun!!

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