Somebody Slap me!!

So I am totally bored at work and have still been looking on craigslist but not for work..I am TROLLING the adult section under gigs and pretending I am 'girl for hire' but a very respectable..I mean expensive one..than again what do I know about prostitution!!

I tell you..I could not write this stuff myself..well...actually I am writing it but the guys part of the dialog is priceless..better than the married man on myspace!!!

I can't wait to make it a series of short films..once I get my DAMN CAMERA!!!

Exerts from the seedy arena of adult gigs:

Names have not been changed to protect the idiot ...who used his real name!

How big is the house, where is it located..
I am not really a maid but I can clean a house. I need the extra money.

Very nice photo, you look classy and nice. Would you be open to sensual massage and adult fun? Jimmy

How much?


My Mom pays the maid for that and she just cleans

$100 every two weeks and maybe once a week? and I won't even make you clean?

Seems really low but this is Texas

$175 for once every two weeks and
$150 for once a week
and I don't clean....we are talking hand cleaning not clean inside and out.

Inside and out and I can only afford a hundred.....

The price is fixed..no negotiations

Okay I appreciate your honesty. I'll keep your email if I can budget that. Until then if you change your mind please let me know.

Thanks and hope you have a wonderful holiday,

and than he added his photo to the email..schmuckk!!

Blondes should not find things like this funny!!!

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