Photo Trading Cards!!

I have this thing..like everyone..we all have at least one quirk..my quirk?!! you ask?

I don't like ugly photos of me hanging around! When I die or go missing and people are digging threw photos of me..do I really need them to see the photos my boyfriend took right after we had sex, or the photo where I just jammed a huge bite of hot dog in my mouth, or the the endless photos of me with a drink in my hand..actually those I keep because it means I'm partying and I always look good partying!!
How about the photo at Christmas open gifts..we are all in our robes, bed head and eye crust..or the endless shots taken of me bending over..thanks Mother!! Seriously!!

However, I do keep the bad photos of my friends and family because they are just too damn funny!!



"What the hell are you doing?!"

"I'm throwing away the photos of me I don't like"

"You can't do that!!"

"I know ..its history..blah, blah.."




"Your Photos?, There My Face!!"

"Get The Hell Out of My Photo Albums"

"Jeez Sis...chill out..I will throw the bad ones of you away if you want..theres a lot!! "

She Grabs the photos from my hand..I needed quick thinking here..

"Alright, Sis..I will trade you the photo where you just vomitted on your boyfriend if you let me keep the one of me with mayonnaise on the corner of my mouth"

"Fine..Here...Now Do you have some where else to go?!"

"I suppose I can go clean out lil' Sis photo albums"

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Hey Sis, I was gonna come over"

"Constance called. I already hid the photos of you on the toilet"

"Bitch!! Fine...I will trade you the one where you are peeing on the side of the road for the one of me on the lue"


"Great, be over in a minute"


"Ring, Ring!!"

"Carol, my dear friend...Want to drink wine and look at old photos?"

Blondes always get double prints before trading!!!

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