Mother Grinch

Like the Grinch who tries to steal Christmas from the Who's down in Who-ville by swiftly grabbing packages and stuffing them on his dog drawn sleigh.... so does my Mother’s need to pilfer the holiday goods out of packages sent to the house from friends.

In gypsy like stealthiness she answers the door, grab the box from the post man, and quickly tucks it behind the bird menagerie Christmas tree waiting for the moment when she is alone in the house, not a creature is stirring not even the crack cat's stuffed mouse and than....

She opens the package

She takes the candy she knows we like
and hides it away
than she leaves the candy we don't like
knowing it will stay

than she tosses out the name tags
claiming none were ever found

carefully peels away the wrapping paper
without making a sound

keeps what she likes
puts the rest back inside

thinking she is clever
she claims it just arrived

along with a swiss bank account..we think she runs a gift shop somewhere in Provence.

Blondes get a detailed packing list from friends and family now!!

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