Blue Balls?!

have nothing on my throbbing labia at the moment. Without sounding like a total slut and as if I cared...I need to get laid..magnificently laid!!

It has been three months and I can't even concentrate on reading, let alone writing blogs.

I am certain whoever gets in between my legs will need medical attention after I am done exploiting every inch of their masculinity..

Unfortunately I need that connection.....and as tough as it seems..I will go another 3 dreaded, dry, run out of batteries (for my neck massager) look like every man is a piece of meat--- months if I have too!!

I think after a certain amount of time without IT you get to reclaim virginity anyway!

I went to lunch with someone today and I could barely make conversation..

all I could master in my little blonde bubble at the moment was polite conversation while milling over the following thoughts:

he could be potential..
he is a big guy..
big guys tend to be smaller..
I wonder how football players are hung?
probably small..
wonder how big it is...
wonder how good he is?
damn..he is a big guy
I bet its nice sized
damn..I need my neck massager

after realizing I zoned out, I shook the air out of my head and refocused my attention to the conversation....

I'm sorry Pastor..what were you saying?

Blondes really shouldn't be so bad!!

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