Blonde Moment 201

Sex antidotes work better if you spell 'Pastor' right.

I wrote a joke about being horny and the punchline was misspelled and so the damn thing was interpreted as a desperate sounding board for the sexually challenged.

As much as I love the new found attention (after all, I am a blonde and a Leo)... and I have learned that sex really does sell....
I was just trying to be funny!!

Being horny and being desperate are two very different things...and while I want to thank the guys who were willing to put their penis on the line for me...

I just have to say...


THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS SARCASM: if I wanted gross sex with a stranger, I would go to craiglslist and get 'massage man'..at least I would make a $100..THIS IS THE END OF THE SARCASM!!

Blondes need to use Spell check!!

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